May 2nd Re:Boxes

This morning we got out the boxes full of randomness again. First I selected one with the description ‘Games of Probability‘. I love games of chance so I guess I was hoping for a game I could play on my own, but instead of a solo-game I got poker and whatever that marble gambling game is called. I found another box with the description ‘What is it?‘ and after unpacking it’s contents, it proved to be incomplete containing about 12 empty baby-food jars; a paper, accordion-like thing with conjoining plastic ends I guessed to be from a air or heat vent; and a hollow, black, plastic thing about eight centimeters long, with a screw on end and little glass windows in which if you looked in one of them you would see your eye reflected back at you upside-down. It was probably from an optical illusion kit or something like that.

Anyway, I finally settled on a box full of paper with the description ‘Paper Planes‘. I made my ‘indigenous’ pocket plane which is able to launch pencils/pens/crayons from the recesses in it’s sides and travel a fair distance. After that I made the classic paper plane and then cut three flaps in the rear, folding them so that they stuck out like a staircase. Needless to say it didn’t fly very well. After that I made one called either ‘The Mummy’ or ‘The X’ I can’t remember. I got it from a plane book I used to have and it tops all in height and distance. Fresh out of ideas, I resorted to origami. A box, balloon and tiny fortune-teller were the fruits of my efforts.

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of these exercises are but last week Mr. Sarte said they would improve our cooperation. I don’t see how that would pan out as I went solo today. I wonder what next week will hold?

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