Presented and perfecting

a)       What was the best suggestion or feedback that you got from classmates that commented in the forum? Who posted the comment?

b)      Was the feedback useful? Why or why not?

I found Bailey, Nico and Aaron’s comments very helpful, they suggested to make it more appealing, slow down and add more facts. I am going to try to follow their suggestions.


2.       Reflection

a)      What is a key thing that you learned about inquiry learning? (the process of your inquiry)

b)      What do you need help with in order to improve?


I learned how to present information in a way that people find interesting and can easily understand. To ultimately achieve this I must practice speaking louder and clearer.

September 28

Friday at last! I like school but love weekends. Today we presented our inquiry. I think we did pretty well, and so did everyone else it still could have used that joke….

September 26th

This afternoon we worked on the oral part of our inquiry, and rewrote a slide. I felt it needed more jokes, many people already understand the concept of composting so I can imagine it will be rather boring to have to sit through a whole presentation about it! I think if it had a few jokes it would keep our audience attentive rather than asleep. Shauna thought otherwise. In the end we got Hannah to go through it, she sided with Shauna. I still think it needs more…

September 25th

As of this afternoon, Shauna and I reviewed our power-point; we decided it lacked oral formalities and  images. We dealt with most of them, but I am still not entirely proud of it. Our content is great, Our colour scheme is okay, but the concept of composting is really rather tedious; perhaps it needs some jokes?…

September 24th

Today Shauna completed our Inquiry by adding music. I started taking notes on the schools recycling problem. I seem to encounter problems in all of my online courses. :/ Tomorr0w we might continue on the problem of the schools recycling or work on our online courses.

Previous Posts

Today, I learned to research my source and examine the evidence (data) given to me. In my Inquiry about Composting, (How does it help?) I learned it reduces incoming landfill waste significantly, purifies storm-water/air, it also cleanses contaminated soil.
Tomorrow, I hope to continue researching compost and working on my courses. Hopefully there will be some lunch thrown in there as well.:)       -Sep 12 12

Today, I continued learning about researching my source and examining info. I finished learning about reliability and validity. I did more research on composting (see doc). In Gym, we played handball, it was fun!
Tomorrow, I hope to continue researching compost and working on my courses.          Sep 13 12



During the course of the day, I learned about the defining characteristics of the different systems in the Real number system. Also I read about blogging. Now I am going to collect pictures and more information on composting. On Monday, I am going to continue working on Math and Socials.

Sep 14 12


Looking back today was a pretty good day. We learned about the War of 1812 Almost finished the Composting Project! Just a few more points to go over. In Gym, we played four corner soccer; it was great! Tomorrow we (Shauna and me) will possibly start on the problem of what to do with the schools recycling… Sep 17 12



Today Shauna and I, finished our composting project, and briefly discussed recycling. In the morning we continued studying the War of 1812 (Should Tecumseh be on our currency notes?). At lunch Me, Leif and Jay played Grounders, good times. Tomorrow will be spent on online courses and recycling.

Sep 18 12


Today we discussed different topics related to the War of 1812. Some of the points made were quite interesting. I finished a practice test for Math only three wrong! And though tomorrow is a Pro-D day, I’ll researching about the internet for Socials, and maybe some other things as well, we’ll see…

Sep 19 12

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