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Preparation for Planting

The school is embarking on a planting project as part of the Global Wonder, Local Action vision set in motion by Mr. Khalili. All the students are going to grow their own little plants, posting pictures of their progress once and while to ‘spread the joy’.  I think it’s a great idea -there’s been some mutual agreement as to the lack of greenery in this school. As of yet, however, I have been unable to decide on what exactly to plant. In truth, I can name a long list of things I’d like to plant -but are either hard to get a hold of or unable to survive in the low-light conditions that just so happen to exist here. I am looking for one that will last long, be easy to manage or be useful in some way (such as herbs or medicinal plants like horsetail ferns). Any suggestions? I’m considering…

Hens and Chicks,   Shamrocks,   Dill,   Asters,  and  Elephant Ivy

Hens and ChicksShamrocks