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October Scavenger hunt

Learning to cite sources -Scavenger hunt

1.b Following the conditions:

2.a By =   The person who wants to use this picture must make it obvious that the picture belongs to someone else

Nc =   Nc means not commercial, anyone wanting to use this picture for commercial purposes must talk to the photographer first!

Sa =   Share alike! If you want to edit or copyright this picture, source the photographer very clearly.


2.b The site for creative commons photos I found was pixabay, it isn’t as good as compfight because you can’t search by category.

3. My motivational poster…

Quotable quote2.jpg

4. “Am I allowed to copy facts and ideas?’  Bloggers legal guide

Yes, quoting short things and adding quotes to critiques is fine. To be on the safe side, use transformatives (reword it slightly).

It is okay to quote others as long as you give them credit and change it slightly.