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Could you be friends be friends with a protagonist in your novel? Why or why not?

In Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, the protagonist is the main character/author. Her name is Annie Dillard. I would love to be friends with her because:

  •             She and I share a passion for the great outdoors
  •             We both have quiet, thoughtful personalities  (something I personally value)    and
  •             She would be able to teach/explain to me more about what is going on around me  and how the world works  (something I would greatly benefit from)


Throughout the book so far, it seems like Annie is always outside discovering something new. Once, she saw a Giant water bug sip a frog (her words not mine). Another time she found praying mantis laying her eggs. I think that would be so interesting to see. With our shared passion for nature, we would probably be outside all the time finding the occasional tulip branch laying on the ground, with no roots, far from any tulip plants and in full bloom.

On the walk home, we would be silent thinking about the tulip branch, pondering how such a thing could be possible; marveling at the do or die will that nature seems to have. This is something she does fairly frequently throughout the story.

Finally, we would reveal to each other the conclusion we had each drawn and talk about numerous other creatures. From the abundance of knowledge she shares in her novel it’s obvious to me that she has plenty more. I would be very much obliged if she were to share it with me as I love learning about nature.

I’m not sure so much what I could contribute to our friendship as I am not very knowledgeable about the subjects shes interested in, namely: nature. Perhaps having someone to share this passion with would be enough for Annie Dillard. I think we’d have some great adventures together.