February 13th +infograph

Today we finally put the slime mold in the maze! We estimated that in 10.22 repeat hours (by 7:36pm) according to it’s fastest growing rate it would solve the maze, but now it’s not looking like it. It’s grown about 3mm since we sub-cultured it almost 5 hours ago so I’ll be taking it home again. Perhaps we needed to put more in?

1. INFOgraph      open office

2. INFOgraph       Microsoft

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  1. David Truss
    February 19, 2013 at 2:55 am (11 years ago)

    Hi Annica,
    Here are a couple things to think about:
    1. Other than the colour of the people in the groups, the first image doesn’t really tell you anything about the group themselves. This was a weakness of the original infograph and you repeated it. The colours are no longer repeated when you changed the boy in the second image, so there is less continuity.
    2. The clocks at the end don’t really say much. i understand that it was less than 10 min. to solve the problem, but the clocks don’t really emphasize the difference although it was clever to have them be different sizes.
    Also, you can play with the size of the document to make the infograph fit all on one page.
    I’m happy to discuss these ideas with you tomorrow!


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