November 21st

To date I have logged over 13 hours of IDS time. Most of that was spent researching glass, glass recycling and glass creation. The rest was spread between creating the first (and only) weekly update and compiling a list of 25 uses for recycled glass, including pipe-bedding, back-fill, ‘glassphalt’, countertops, you name it! Glass is even used in bricks and insulation.

It turns out this commercial glass-recycling issue is being explored right here in Vancouver. My Dad was contacted by Smithrite, who was poking around, seeing what companies were interested in participating in a glass-recycling program. However, there isn’t any system like this currently in existence, Smithrite was simply putting forward an idea which a company in partnership with them was considering the merits of. So far, I have not been able to contact them. Nexcycle industries in Waterloo ON once instituted a tempered glass recycling program but it became to expensive to maintain, and so dropped it.

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